December 9, 2016


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Topics featured in Geodate 2018 relate to:

  • Melbourne a global city, Characteristics of Melbourne which make it a global city.
  • Population ageing – costs and benefits; An overview of the positive and negative social and economic impacts of population ageing
  • Climate change and population health; Focus on how climate change is affecting human health in terms of changing patterns of disease
  • Management of an ecosystem at risk: the tropical dry deciduous Anogeissus pendula forest ecosystem, Ranthambore National Park, India
  • Reconceptualising urban decay and renewal: a focus on Sydney’s Darling Harbour
  • Mumbai: a case study of the challenges, and potential solutions, of providing housing and basic services in a mega city of the developing world
  • Cruising as a way of seeing the world
  • Geographies of interconnections: Tourism in the Balkans