Ecodate provides economic analysis that goes beyond the textbooks. It has a focus on contemporary economic issues and provides insight into current developments in the Australian economy. It evaluates a range of government policies: macroeconomic, microeconomic, external, environmental and distributional. Each year there is an examination of the latest Federal Budget and fiscal policy. The articles are written for final year students and provide a model for Economics writing, useful for developing skills in writing essays in external exams and school assessment tasks.


Legaldate contains articles, comment and information on legal issues, new directions, changes in the law and case studies covering various aspects of the curricula of Australian states and territories. The articles include interesting and insightful discussion and comment on the legal systems. Legaldate is designed for teachers of legal and law related studies, for the benefit of their students.


Health & PE focuses on the curriculum for Health, Physical Education and Personal Development. Articles in this series would help students better understand physical, social, emotional and intellectual dimensions of health development that occurs through the lifespan stages of prenatal, childhood, youth and adulthood. The articles aim to be engaging and give personal perspectives to stimulate extra thinking and discussion, helping to bring more colour and interest to curriculum topics and thus cement student learning and critical thinking.


Nutridate contains articles, comment and information on nutrition issues, recent diet initiatives and trends, new directions in food intake and food management, nutrition in health. Nutridate is designed for teachers and students of human development, home economics, food technology and physical education.