Australian Economics Statistics

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All students of Economics need to have confidence when reading and interpreting graphs and tables of economic data, especially in exams. Australian Economics and Statistics provide students with about 30 graphs and tables of key economic data. For each graph and/or table it also provides:

  1. definitions of the key economic terms and variables
  2. a brief description of what each graph and/or table shows
  3. an analysis of why this data is important for students of Economics.

By reading the text students learn can develop confidence in identifying the key elements in a graph or table. They are also learning about the current state of the Australian and international economies.

Currently, sections in the publication cover current data related to:

  1. income, growth and the quality of life
  2. economic forecasts
  3. employment
  4. inflation
  5. external trade and finance
  6. the federal budget
  7. inequality in environmental sustainability

Important measures and updates for the existing sections will be added throughout the year to keep the content current. Subscribers will be able to request the addition of sections relevant to economics students. Therefore, this digital platform for economics contents will grow over time.