Introduction School lunches generate a lot of debate all over the world. Whether it consists of a packed lunch brought from home or a communal lunch provided at school, controversy seems to exist. Countries like the UK and the USA have provided lunch to students for years.

Dumbells, tape measure and healthy food over wooden table. Fitness and health

Fig 1 & 2. In some countries children eat lunch at school; in others they bring a packed lunch from home. These are funded by the government and usually produced on site. Much criticism has been made of the nutritional quality of these meals, as keeping costs down is usually the primary aim with nutrition and taste a poor second. Even television series have been made about this. (Check out Jamie’s School Dinners, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and a discussion of school lunches, nutrition and the effect of lobbyists in this article http:// In countries like Australia and New Zealand most children either bring a packed lunch from home or perhaps access the school canteen and buy food. Both

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